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The Origins and Story of Our Restaurant
About Us

The history of Leone's Pizzeria

Sal Leone founded Leone's Pizzeria in 1985, and his son Gino now oversees it as a family business. When Gino was younger, he used to spend every day after school helping out at the pizzeria with his father. After many years of working side by side, Gino discovered a love for excellent Italian food and proudly succeeded his father in Leone's Pizzeria.

Leone's Pizzeria quickly made a name for itself as a traditional family-style neighborhood eatery. In a relaxed, family-style setting, Leone's Pizzeria catered to the rising community of Italian immigrants who yearned for the food of their native country.

New Yorkers who wanted to sample the new culinary talent of their freshly created delicious pizza were also drawn. Without a doubt, Leone's Pizzeria has cemented its position as the original and top pizzeria restaurant in the family-style category.

The ambiance, fashion, and food at Leone's Pizzeria quickly attracted a large number of well-known people. Due to its excellent location, it was a popular stop for residents in the Glendale, Forest Hills, Middle Village, and Rego Park areas.

Additionally, Leone's Pizzeria recognized the value of community engagement. Sal and Gino Leone has consistently provided meals and restaurant space to several neighborhood organizations over their entire history. Innumerable schools have used Leone's Pizzeria to provide pizza for parties and holiday celebrations, celebrate winning little league teams, feed election workers, and provide food for church groups and senior organizations as needed.

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